Important Facts That You Should Know About Resume Writing.

Resume Writing Tips

                                         IMPORTANCE OF RESUME 

The basic requirement for any job is an appealing and well-drafted resume. Your Resume demonstrates all of your skills, educational background, experience, and other accomplishments. In order to stand out from a batch of applications entering in bulk, one must understand the importance of a properly structured resume in an orderly manner. A good resume helps you represent your skills and increases your chances to get shortlisted. Most of the HRs have a strong viewpoint that candidates tend to forget or pay less attention to their resume building skills, hence fewer chances of receiving a call from their dream companies.

Your resume offers a wide range of opportunities in your professional career and creates a strong first impression in front of a hiring manager, a basis which a call can be expected from the hiring manager.

Top 5 Pointers To Be Focused on :-

1.Add Relevant Skills.

2.Add Correct and Updated Contact Information.

3.Include educational background.

4.Add Summary and write clear objective.

5.Add a self-explanatory Cover Note.


1.FONT : Using the standard and the most used font type such as  “Calibri”, ”cambria “ , “Arial” maintains the decency of the resume .Use font sizes between 10-12 for inner material and 14-16 points for section headline that breaks the resume making it more readable.

2.STRUCTURE: Pen down your education in a reverse chronology so that the recruiter in the very first instance focuses on your most recent accomplishments. Writing the same in bullets will drive the recruiter’s attention.

3.FORMATTING AND CONTENT: Writing Concise and Short Content in an orderly manner with equal margins on both sides, Proper Italics, styling, and bullets makes it more organized along with increased readability. 

4.VERB TENSE: Usage of correct tenses while mentioning past and present experiences in your resume leave a positive impact on HR, proofread the content once before submitting the same can save you from major blunders.

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