The Best Ways to Utilize Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


  • Importance of CV

CV is an acronym used for the word Curriculum Vitae. A CV is a detailed description of all the achievements, honors skills, and professional experience. A cv is generally a few pages long providing a comprehensive version of all awards, Interests, researches, internships, and fellowships. It is a highly important document that is served by candidates to apply in universities overseas for further studies.

Know more on the objective of the Resume.

Difference between CV and Resume –

Often people interchangeably use both the terms irrespective of their correct usage,inorder to avoid this ambiguity we have listed some pointers to be gone through inorder to understand the same :-

CV                                                                                    Resume

A lengthy description of all achievements, skills and other vital information of a candidateA concise 1-2 page description of individual’s education, previous job experiences and skills.
It is generally 2-20 pages.It is generally 1-2 page in length.
It includes ReferencesIt does not include the references
It is a Latin word meaning course of life.Resume is a French word meaning Summary.
It remains same for all jobs.It can be modified accordingly.

Tips to Write A Impactful CV :

1.CLEAR AND LEGIBLE FONTS: Use the most used font style such as Arial, Tahoma, or Times New Roman, Using 11-12 point font size and appropriate spacing. For sections and headlines use 14-16 point size. Margins should be taken care of from all sides to increase the readability of the reader.

2. Avoid Grammatical Mistakes: As a Cv is a detailed version it includes a comprehension that should be free from any grammatical mistakes and any language error be it punctuation, usage of conjunctions, or connectors. Proofreading the document is highly advised before any final submission to maintain consistency. 

3.Relevant Content and Structure: It should be kept in mind the content that you present in your CV should be Relevant, up to mark and includes all your achievements that are essential to mention in an orderly fashion to make it structured and powerful.

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