TOP 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions In An Interview

In an interview, Several questions are asked depending on the job profile you are applying for. An interviewer has several sets of questions lined up for the candidate based on the individual’s candidature, but the most frequently asked questions remain the same basis in which an interviewee is shortlisted. We pen down a few of the important questions that one must prepare accordingly to perform well in an interview:-

Interview Tips
  1. Tell Me About Yourself:  

As soon as a resume is read, One of the most commonly asked questions is “Tell me about yourself”, 

So, to answer this question, one has to be quick and not to take much time to overthink how I should answer this question? 

The best way to start this answer is, to begin with, your name, the most recent organization you have worked in, your educational background in reverse chronology, and your interests.

There is no specific timeline to be followed to answer this question but the more systematically you answer this, the more impressive it sounds to the interviewer. Include all those skills which sound relevant to your job profile, present your candidature with an engaging tone, and in a delightful manner that keeps the listener active while you explain yourself.

  1. Why Should We Hire You? 

– Another important question that is put in front of the candidate is, why they should hire you! This question has to be dealt with utmost precision as they look out for the fact that How much you know yourself and can prove to be an asset for the firm.

  • The candidate should bring ahead his set of skills relevant to the firm.
  • Showcase your Positive attitude and represent your will to work.
  • The enthusiasm and willingness to work in the company.

These pointers should be presented with confidence in a compelling way that the HR Manager frames a mind-set to shortlist you.

3. What do you know about Our Organization?

This is a Vital question which aims at understanding, the Knowledge of the applicant who is willing to fit in the role, this question makes the road-map for the manager in terms of figuring out how much a person has researched about the facts and terms of their company. This eventually has a huge positive impact on the interviewer marking the awareness of the candidate.

For this, a candidate must include the basic and widely known facts about the company such as :

  • Heads/CEO of the firm
  • Date/Year of Establishment
  • Annual Revenue/Turnovers of the Firm
  • Values/Tagline of the Company. 
  • Latest News or new inventions as per websites/portals.

4. Where do you see yourself after 5 Years?

Another question featuring on our list is “Where do you see yourself after 5 years”, herein the candidate faces challenges as to what to answer and how to proceed further to fetch the most out of this opportunity present.

The candidate here is evaluated on his/her stability assurance and further mind-set as per his contribution to the firm.

You can start by mentioning your long-term goals and further if asked add short-term goals, present the ideas that should ensure both company’s benefits having you on board as well as satisfactory self goals.

5. What are your Salary Expectations?

Often this question is asked to the candidates to understand the basic grasp and awareness of the candidate related to their salaries. Applicants should keep in mind the basic salary and set similar expectations. Quoting the wrong figure which is way less than the stated or way more than what can be offered originally. Understand the package, its bifurcation, and its relevance. 

You can initiate your answers with these phrases 

-“Sir According to Me”, “In my opinion” and add the right wages accordingly.

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