Why Do You Want To Leave Your Current Job?: All the Stats, Facts, and Data You’ll Ever Need to Know

Why Do You Want To Leave Your Current Job?

Often Applicants find it difficult to figure out how to write down a mail or tell them verbally that why they want to leave their current jobs, most of the times people know the reason behind the same but fail to describe them using right words or incorrect manner which results in the bad impression or sounds like a fake attempt to leave the organization which is not in anyone’ benefit.

In this article, we pen down some possible reasons and the ways to present them to sound professional as well as righteous at the same time.

Professionalism reflects when you keep everything in writing to maintain the records and for future reference as well. Supporting this statement, one should always write an official mail their immediate managers or team leads (if allocated) stating the reason with a full explanation about leaving the organization.

Mostly this question is asked to track if the employee fits as per policies or is least interested in the profile.

 In most of the MNCs as per their policies, one has to serve notice-period which lasts for 1-3 months which is a varying number, serving in advance to give ample amount of time to the managers to close your work-order and prepare the leaving documents on time. Here are the basic templates that can be used to present your thoughts:


1.” It has been great learning to work with this organization, but I have got another opportunity which is providing me an uplift in my career in terms of my growth which will support me economically as well as in my future aspects.”


2. ”I have been very obliged to work in this great firm but I find this time appropriate to carry on with my further studies as I have been selected in XYZ College to pursue (MBA/MS/MTECH/MCA) course. I have cleared my XYZ entrance exam and this might be a once in a lifetime opportunity to add post-graduation in my CV at this age.”


3. After serving for these many years in your firm, I have decided to start my own business as now I believe it is the need of the hour and I find this time of the year to kickstart my venture and try my luck in the same which is why I would like to take a break from the corporate world from this date.


4. Adverse Times do not alarm us in advance, I am finding myself trapped in a huge family business loss, so I would like to take an exit from my current job and support my family based in my hometown and work there for my their well-being and betterment. Thank you for backing me up both economically and emotionally when I needed this job on an urgent basis.


5. ”As the contract period is going to expire I had started to find an apt opportunity wherein I could fit in, fortunately, I have found one and with due to respect I would like to take a leave from this firm which has been a life-saver since I was hired here as a fresher and I have learned a lot since then “.


6. ” I have been very fortunate and blessed to be selected in this firm but my interest lies in XYZ field which has always fascinated me some-way or other for which I need to discover the inner potential that would require me to leave this firm “

What NOT to State while leaving your current job?

Along with presenting your thoughts, it is highly necessary to keep a check on what not to speak because it is very unlikely and un-wisely to leave a bad impact on your previous organization. After all, various companies conduct background verification and ask for previous manager’s reviews which must always be positive for betterment purposes. Here are some pointers that must be avoided :

1.Sounding Completely Negative

2. Mentioning Office Politics and Tantrums.

3.Absurd Deadlines or Un-achievable Targets

4.Foul words or harsh feelings towards Boss.

Considering the above-written points and implementing them will make you ready and confident to answer the question “Why do you want to leave your current job”.

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