Five Ways To Introduce What Motivates You To Do A Good Job?.

What Motivates You To Do A Good Job?.

In today’s day and age, one might be able to find employment but selecting the appropriate one is one huge thing that has to be done with utmost precision.

An initial aspect that leads a person to work is positive motivation. It might have different meaning and different terms to address with as it varies with person to person. Few reasons are listed :

  1. Sometimes the financial conditions of a family may demand an individual work.
  2. After completion of studies, students aim to have a well-secured future.
  3. Handsome Amount of salary and other basic needs to be fulfilled.
  4. Working in a good position and gain experience.
  5. Mandatory work experience required to study Abroad.
  6. Know some reasons that push you to change your current job.

Factors that a candidate Should Keep in Mind About A Job Are :

  • Good Salary
  • Ambiance including- hygienic work conditions, Clean furniture and
  • Canteen Facilities
  • Brand-Value

How to Write a Mail For a Job?

While applying for a job the recruiters keep a keen eye towards the outstanding applications out of all the ones flooding in. In this scenario, one should be focusing on the content that should be written in the mail in-order to attract the attention of the hiring team.

Start including all valid details that support your candidature to strengthen your application. Few important aspects such as why you should be hired, how you will be an asset for this firm, what qualities make you stand out of all the applicants. For this situation, the samples are mentioned below to initiate the mail,

“Hello Sir/Ma’am 

Kindly refer to my resume and my sample work attached to this email.

I would be more than happy to be working with you as it would be it a once in a lifetime opportunity. For further discussion I have mentioned my contact number please give me a call at your convenience. “

Yours Thankfully,



“Hello, Team,

My name is XYZ hereby willing to apply for the position of a Software engineer in your firm, I came across this vacancy on JOB4SAB and found it to be a golden opportunity. I would try my best to serve here with utmost attention and diligence. 

                                                           I have worked as a Technical analyst for2 years in my previous organization and have received positive feedback every time. With my best skills on front-foot, I shall prove myself as a useful asset for your company. Kindly find my resume enclosed with this mail.

Thanks, And Regards


How to Reply For Job-Offer?

It is a huge takeaway if a job opportunity is being offered and if circumstances support, one should positively reply to the same and graciously accept the same. Since out of all the applicants, a very handful are shortlisted for the offered role the reply to the same has to be appropriate. The sample for the same is like:

Hello, Sir,

 It gives me immense pleasure on receipt of this offer letter which fills me with delight, as I was looking forward to the same for long. It will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to be selected in this firm.

Words fall short to describe my happiness for the same. With due respect and gratefulness, I accept this offer letter and will serve my best.”

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